Friday, 3 November 2017

Creating Toning Circles Videos

I woke up with the inspiration to create this video yesterday morning while I was still here in Volcano, Hawaii - and it "popped out" very quickly. I was shown how powerfully we can assist with the Earth's and Humanity's ascension process by toning. Both as individuals and particularly by forming groups and intentionally gifting human energy to the Gaia organism. I want to share it with everyone to encourage everyone to gift energy directly with Mama Earth and to help everyone understand why it is so important to take time out to do so.   Namaste.

The creation of this video while living here just north of Mt. Shasta was quite a different process.  Interrupted by nearby target practice on a beautiful, sunny Christmas day,  I had to return a couple of different times before finally completing the video on a very cold, totally foggy day.   I surrendered and was shown how important it is to become constantly aware of our own state of consciousness and what vibrational state we are in as this is the state that creates our reality and magnetizes our experiences to us.

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