Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mountain Magic

I finally made it up to Panther Meadows a couple of days ago after spending the past two months living in Mt. Shasta City (northern California).   Yesterday a new friend took me up even higher on the mountain as she wanted to revisit a spring and little meadow area.  I felt called by a particular peak we came to on the way to the meadow and to stopped to commune with the mountain energies at that spot.  

The cloud level lowered and the mists swirled in.

It felt like the message the mountain was giving me is that when life is swirling and misting and it's hard to see into the far distance that that is a good time to focus on whatever's right in front of you.  To just be present in the moment.  

After returning home, I noticed how cleansed I felt after the experience.  Like I had been thoroughly scoured out and deeply cleansed by the mountain's pure energies. 

It reminded me of a couple of songs I wrote twenty years ago after spending time in Alaskan wilderness.



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