Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Greetings from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

June 4, 2013

I find myself on an incredible journey, feeling totally supported in amazing ways.  I'm currently sitting in my little room at Hostel Tuyasto in San Pedro de Atacama (altitude is 2480m) which is in the northern part of Chile not too awfully far from the Bolivian border.   The land is high desert here, with incredible views of the Andes' volcanoes.  San Pedro is near very large salt flats and flamingo lagoons.

I was able to sing to the volcanoes at sunset last night after climbing up to the crest of a hill in the Valley of the Moon.  The shadows and colors were gorgeous and constantly changing.  A sacred moment for me.

I was very blessed to sing to the Earth on Rapa Nui/Easter Island at the last super full moon in May.  Felt very connected to New Zealand and Hawaii and my human links there as well to the other places I have traveled to for my EarthSong work and to other places around the world where I have put down energetic roots.

It was a bit daunting to set out on this journey with so little money and so little Spanish, but I have been taken care of in the most amazing ways and have discovered there are loving, caring, helpful and supportive people of every race, nationality, age, gender everywhere.  It is truly a journey of the heart.

I didn't bring a camera on this trip, but a couple of times I have been met someone who's taken a couple pictures of me or for me.  Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to add a photo of the Andes' volcanoes that someone took last night.

This one is the view I had from my tent on Easter Island, taken at sunset by Damien Hamilton Wood:

My tent at the campground on Rapa Nui faced out towards New Zealand and Hawaii.  I felt really locked into the Pacific triangle when I sang there.

When I leave San Pedro in a couple of days, I will be heading up north to Peru and Lake Titicaca.
It feels like I will be at the lake, hopefully out on one of the floating islands for the new moon, Solstice and/or full moon.  We'll see!!

The guidance I'm getting is quite strong and I am being very well taken care of.

I feel deeply connected to those who hold me in their hearts as I stretch and grow on this journey to the sacred ancient lands of South America.

Thank you all for your loving support.  Special thanks to my parents for making this trip possible.


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