Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Next 7 Generations

This is a drawing I made of "Interconnectedness".  So many of us are feeling our interconnections more and more strongly these days, as we vividly experience how all of our thoughts, lives and decisions touch each other's and the planet's.  One little pulse in one place ripples throughout the whole.  

"How will the lives of the next 7 generations be touched by you today?"  is the chorus of a song has been on my mind a lot these days, so I've put video footage to it and uploaded it to YouTube.  

I dedicate "The Next 7 Generations" to the inspiring people all over the world who care deeply for the Earth and all her various life forms, who are imagining and creating new ways of living in harmony with the Earth and her cycles and seasons and who empower others to become all they can be.

The song "The Next 7 Generations" was recorded back in 1995 and the video clips were filmed recently (2013) on the South Island of New Zealand.  

While putting The Next 7 Generations together I have become acutely aware of the many, many people have touched my life and my heart through the years, and who have contributed to the creation of this one little video (as well as to all the others I have recently uploaded to youtube):  

Spiritual teachers and fellow travelers from the past thirty years who encouraged me to open the doors into the deep, dark places within myself - a process that allowed me to drastically change the course of my life.

Men and women who have supported my unfolding, sharing their true selves with me, inspiring and encouraging me to follow my dreams to become a much larger, more empowered self than I was ever taught I could be as a young child in our "modern", technological society.

Individuals and families who have welcomed me into their homes all over the world, allowing me to experience different ways of living, doing and being.

Talented and skilled individuals who have assisted, contributed, answered my questions, and shared their knowledge about their areas of artistic or technical expertise and passionate interest.

The non-physical guides and masters, the ancient ones and the ancestor spirits, Gaia and the elementals and all the multi-dimensional energies of light and love that dance with me.

To all of you, I say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!

I am extremely blessed by all the different ways you have touched my life.
Leslie Lightfall