Friday, 11 January 2013

Song of the Dolphins and Sing to the Morning

There are two more EarthSong videos now available on YouTube!

The dolphins featured in Song of the Dolphins are the same ones I have swum with over the years and who have taught me so much about joyously living life, holographic transmissions, multi-dimensionality, and being in the "pod" mind:  "We are all doing this together!".

The song was written many, many years ago for a friend who loved the dolphins and I think it was her loving connection to them that finally got me into the water receiving their many gifts directly myself.

The very special, heart-centered underwater video photography was done by two people who also swim with, and deeply love the dolphins.  Contact info for them is in the movies credits.

I hope this video reaches the children and young people all over the world.  Please pass it on to anyone who you hold close to you in your heart.  The dolphin sounds contain  energies that help us ALL remember who we truly are and how we ALL belong to this beautiful blue planet.  As we remember, we are able to consciously and cooperatively co-create the New Earth together.

Song of the Dolphins

Creating Sing to the Morning has led to remarkable relationship with bumblebees.  When I was close to finishing the song, I got to the point where I felt that there was one more verse that needed to be concluded.  When it finally came in:

"Sing to the morning, sing to the dancing trees, 
Sing to the morning see to the soft gentle breeze,
Sing to the morning, sing 'til the bees start to hum,
Sing to the morning, sing 'til we all are ONE!

I realized that it's message perfectly described the whole point of singing to the Earth.  The singing does indeed gift my energy to the Earth, but more importantly, singing with loving intent raises my own vibrational frequency until I feel with a deep heart knowingness that I AM ONE with all creation.

That feeling of deep connection to the Earth and Cosmos is amazing and I heartily recommend singing to the Earth and observing what happens within yourself and as well as how Mama Earth responds.

While singing to the ocean at a special spot early in the mornings during my visits to Hawaii, I would stand way, way out on a broad lava shelf, next to the water singing and aligning myself with the ocean rhythms.  A lone bumblebee would come visit me each time, even though there were no flowers anywhere near me.  

Then for a couple days it didn't come and I started wondering why.  Then I realized I hadn't been singing Sing to the Morning those days.   I sang Sing to the Morning the next time and sure enough there came my bumblebee friend.  Magic!

When I was working on the Earth's Gifts sacred art pieces I experienced a huge bumblebee hovering extremely close to me right over my heart for what seemed like a very long period of time.  It was an incredibly intense healing experience!

While I was gathering video clips to use in Energy Is Moving, the 6th part of the Earth Shift Meditations series, the bumblebee I was videoing one morning buzzed straight at my camera.  It felt like it was saying, "Yeah, I'm very happy to star in your movie!"

Sing to the Morning

These times are intense! So many powerful energies of various kinds are stirring up stuff within all of us so that it can be cleared, cleansed, transformed and transmuted.  My intent is to offer these videos in support your personal journey into expressing even more of your own magnificence!  The world needs us ALL to be all we can be!!!!

PS I deeply appreciate the support that's coming in for my Chile and Peru trip!!!  Thank You!!!

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