Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Trees and Roots

The ways that trees have of rooting themselves into the earth here in Hawaii fascinate me!  They have all sorts of unusual ways of doing it!  

Some of the huge banyon trees on the island, like this one at Laupahoehoe, planted after the 1946 Tsunami, feel sacred when you walk near or beneath them.

When I went out walking and exploring during the wee moonlit hours the night before the Full Moon/high tide at Laupahoehoe on Monday morning, I tripped and fell, skinning and bruising my hands and knees.   I realized I had lost my connection to my body and the earth in the midst of experiencing all the various kinds of energetic forces dancing around me over the weekend.  (Lots of families were celebrating life in the park in a multitude of diverse ways.)  

These trees here in Hawaii provide lots of inspiration about ways to ground by the various unusual ways they root into the earth.  

May we all find our own effective ways of grounding during these times of shift and change as we cope with the huge waves of energy that are now streaming into the planet!!!