Tuesday, 10 September 2013

High Tide Vision

Greetings from Oamaru, South Island of New Zealand!

Wild times in many ways these days!  I send you much love and support for your journey, which ever way your Expanded Self is leading you through these shifting times!  

Personally, I am asking for your love and support for manifesting a vision, a HUGE vision.  Many, many diverse pieces of my life have come together since my time with the whales and I am being asked to step up to the plate and work in a much larger arena than I have up to this point in time.  

I have become very aware of the power of group co-creational intent and so I ask that you please hold this vision for me, with me:

I am being asked to manifest the creation of a movie that holds high frequency energies that will serve to vibrationally ignite, activate and inspire Ancient Memories, Expanded Awareness and a Deep Reverence for the Earth for all who experience it, particularly the young people.  It will reach a international, global audience.  It is to be created by involving the Ancient Ones every step of the way using sacred, ceremonial, multi-dimensional group co-creative processes.   

I see wise elders who remember - of indigenous tribes around the world - being involved in the creation and development of the story vehicle for the movie.   I see Niki Caro helping to write the script and directng.  I see Peter Jackson producing it, and Oprah involved in the distribution of it - getting it out to people all over the world.

I see that all of us involved are being totally supported with the contacts, resources and financial backing necessary to bring this movie into full, glorious manifestation so that it will have a powerful, inspiring impact at the perfect time on its audience as well as all who are involved in its development, production, and distribution along the way.

So, please join me in holding this vision!!!!

I am extremely grateful for all the strange twists and turns in my life path that have prepared me for taking on this project!  I am very grateful for all the support and love and inspiration I receive from each one of you!  I feel very, very blessed!!!

Leslie Lightfall
Sept. 10, 2013

PS.  I was given a new song during my communion with the whales in Tonga - "High Tides".  It came through while I was sitting next to the ocean during the really high tide of the full moon in Aug.  The song keeps going through my head over and over.  Here's the last verse:

My life feels rich, my life feels full, 
My heart expands til it overflows with love
With a deep, deep love for all Creation 

High Tide!
High Tide!
I feel my soul as it fills and grows when it's high tide

Bringing New life
Yes, New life
Tis the birthing time
for a brand new way of living!

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