Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Greetings from Christchurch Airport!
South Island of New Zealand - Aug. 22, 2013

I arrived in Tonga for the new moon and stayed 2 weeks until the full moon. Last night I left Tonga and returned to New Zealand, watching the full moon in both places.  I went expecting to swim with the whales, but when I arrived it was very clear that I was not to go out in a boat or get in the water with the whales.  I was blessed that I was able to see whales every day from the shore at the place I was staying.

 Photo copyright 2013 Marta Perez

The half way point of my visit, Wed. Aug. 14th, was an incredible day!  I felt called to go to the beach for the morning to commune with the whales and when I started down the path, I saw a mother and newborn baby lying in the water just a few meters off shore in the deep water right where I was staying.  

Photo copyright 2013 Marta Perez

Both whales stayed there, right in front of the viewing platform for a long, long time.  I watched for about 3 hours while the baby appeared to be learning how to float, breathe, and nurse and then started to explore its new whale body, starting to jump out of the water and splash around with its tail.  I felt deeply immersed in whale energy and "birthing of new life" energy and sent it out to all of you while I was watching the baby frolic.

Photo copyright 2013 Marta Perez

What an incredible honor to witness a new life beginning!!!!

While I was watching the whale baby, I realized that I, too, felt like I was beginning a new life.  That we are all beginning new lives as expanded, higher vibration beings!

This last week has been a very rich time, lots of dreams.  I've had lots of ideas coming in about new creations in all areas of my life from here on out.  Truly a time of creating new ways of living here on this Earth as our expanded, multi-dimensional selves.

Much love and birthing energy to each one of you who reads this!


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