Friday, 11 September 2015

Sept. 2015 Dark Moon/New Earth Vortices

Greetings from Honomu on the Big Island of Hawaii!

After lovely experiences at both Anahola on Kaua’i and at Sharman’s retreat center at Ka’u/South Point here on the Big Island in August, I am now staying on Mala’s 17 acres near Akaka Falls north of Hilo, working with her to clear and harmonize this land energetically, bringing in the new high frequency energies.  

I was blessed to facilitate a sound sculpture meditation that we held on the Dark of the Moon, Friday night, Sept. 11 (Hawaii time).   Six of us (4 elders and two teenage girls gathered inside Mala’s star pod near the river: 

I have never before experienced the amplitude of powerful energies that flowed through us as we worked together that night.  

Iliana ceremonially opened for us as we created a powerful energy field to work within.  

To begin the creation of a sound sculpture process, we meditated together, asking to be shown what geometric shapes held the energies most needed at that time by those of us gathered, by the land, and by all life in this Honomu region.  For several years I have been working a lot out in nature, forming the geometries with stones or kelp or drawing them in the sand.  In this case, because the geometries the young ones received were so incredibly complex, we resorted to drawing just enough of them on paper so each of us could clearly remember our vision.  Here are the drawings of the shapes that each of us received, youngest to oldest (right to left, top to bottom):

Because some of the shapes were so complex, we worked with them one at a time, in order, youngest person’s shape to oldest's.  We worked out how to sound and move each one, as some of them pulsed.  

Mala is a midwife and her property is shaped like a fish, so it contains the shape of the Vesica Pisces.  Calling in the highest frequencies while sitting on a floor covered with so many vesica pisces was a very powerful and empowering experience for all of us.

To me it felt like we were embodying the process of giving birth to energies for the New Earth.  After the first shape or two, Iliana said that we were connecting to the stars.  Shama described the pulsing of the diamond shape as being like the pulsing of the placenta.  The final shape, had such strong sounds and movements that to me it felt like final contractions of labor that signify completion of gestation and the crowning moment of birth.

When I feel called to created a sound sculpture, it gives me an indication of the energies that are coming in the next period of time and how to best align with them.  From this one I would say the birth of the New Earth is actively underway and intensifying to the final point where the baby (The New Earth) emerges from the womb (where it’s been gestating).

When I looked at my calendar on my computer the next day, I had noted Soluntra Kings’s announcement of Sept 11th being a day to work with New Earth Vortexes and the grids:


Be aware and connect into the serpent energy in the Earth at a chakra point, vortex, inter-dimensional doorway, and where you feel to be, your own home is fine.

Allow,connect,then connect to the Crystalline Grid, the Pyramids, the Diamond Light Matrix, the Golden Solar Discs and Solar Grid, the Goddess/God grid and allow yourself to flow with the energies as they flow and glow through you.

You are the crystal, the diamond, the Golden Solar Disc, the Light Being, the Goddess God.See, sense and feel your connection with the Earth,
aware of her presence and how it’s connected to the Solar System, Galaxy and Universe.

Be open to the new Stars and the new Solar System and
the divine energies and new light codes.

Aware of the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow flowing in with the light codes of your multi-d self awakened and radiant through ever cell of your body.

Aware of the beautiful union with the Earth, and all the energies in and through the Earth in the different dimensions.

As now the vortexes of serpent energy flow, radiate and open through you and out through the Earth.

The beautiful light codes, thirteen rays of the rainbow and cosmic energies glow through and around the Earth creating vortexes of inter-dimensional doorways all over the Earth. That hold the beautiful spiralling vortexes of life force, serpent,kundalini energy as it illuminates the Earth and your RNA, DNA,cells ,chakras,central channel and body…

This very aptly described our experience.

I encourage all of you to create some sort of Equinox ceremony for yourselves to celebrate and connect with the Earth.  Equinox energy is about balance and everyone is going to need all the balance and harmony they can find with themselves to advance in a state of well-being through the rest of this powerful month.  The best of the best to all of you.