Monday, 22 June 2015

Blessed Solstice - June 2015

Greetings from Hokianga, North Island of New Zealand!

There are no words to describe how blessed I feel at this Solstice.   I am incredibly grateful for my life and the opportunity to part of these times of huge transformation on the planet.  May you all be feeling joy and be experiencing life’s miracles as well!

I have had a series of extraordinarily wonderful, clarifying experiences since I arrived in the Hokianga area which would require a whole book of words to share with you.  Yesterday, on the Solstice, my dear friend Pania and her 12-yr.-old daughter Kiri and I created a beautiful sound sculpture in Waipoua Forest with Te Matua Ngahere, a huge, 2000-yr.-old Kauri tree:

We asked to be shown the geometric shapes that carried purest, highest frequency energies that would be most beneficial to the land, to the forest, to the three of us, and to All Life Everywhere. The shapes came to us immediately.

Pania started us off with a spiraling column that we activated by visualizing the rainbow light pouring down as we walked in clockwise direction with our right hands joined at our center.  The sound Pania “heard” that we needed to activate the spiral was a twinkling, crystalline sound that Pania said most sounded like raindrops.  Since it had been drizzling as we arrived, but had stopped as we walked through the forest, the trees and wind and raindrops danced together to provide that sound for us.  

Kiri’s shape was a square of rainbow colors to be formed at our feet on the viewing platform.   Unsure as to how to best form a square with only three people, we opened to inspiration and realized we could use four yellow leaves to mark the corners of the square.  We each stood at one side of the square and then suddenly realized that Te Matua Ngahere stood at the open, fourth side.  Kiri told us to visualize the rainbow colors flowing with a wave-like motion towards Te Matua Ngahere, and had us activate it with whale and dolphin sounds.  

My shape was a sphere with a highly charged center of rainbow light that radiated strongly from it’s core.  We continuously chanted Om’s and as we  began to chant, we realized we needed to stand with our backs touching.  As soon as we moved together I heard "One Heart”.   We radiated from our core essence, sending rainbow light out to the world from our united One Heart.

Each time I have done a sound sculpture at a Solstice or Equinox, I have felt that I received very helpful guidance and understanding that supported me in aligning with the energies of the new season and to better deal with what was coming during the next three months.

I listened to a Kryon channeling this morning (Sedona-SLC-Thurs) where he used the phrase, “Joy is the lubricant between humans and God.  When you have joy in your heart it is so easy (for God) to fly into you and your consciousness to love you and thank you - to be with you.  Joy.  It’s hard with fear and worry and drama.  They act as giant blocks to the psyche… When you have joy the door is flung wide open."

Sending you much love, rainbow light and heaps of JOY for the coming season,