Friday, 28 March 2014

Spring In Ashland, Oregon

Greetings from Ashland, Oregon!

It's that beautiful, "daffodils and tulips" time of spring here in Ashland.  The emerging-out-of-winter, "bursting into bloom" type of energies are running really strongly here these days. 

The phrase that comes to mind for my experience of the past few months is "nose to the grindstone".  Not in any sort of negative, duty sort of way, but rather of holding a very clear, refined focus, manifesting my own life purpose and path.  Everything is moving so fast now and evolving so rapidly that all I feel able to do is try to keep up with my Self.  Whereas I used to spend quite a bit of time talking about what was happening with different people, now there seems to be no time for that.  It's strictly a matter of staying in the moment, discovering what is my next step on my path, taking the step, opening to the next.  

So, for me what that has looked like is living here in a parked motorhome at my folk's house over the winter while writing the screenplay for "High Tide: Eye of the Whale."  HTEW is a huge story with many interweaving parts that I have had to "catch" out of the ethers, so to speak.  Lots of hours with screenwriting manuals, trying to figure out the proper formats so the story will be taken seriously by professionals.

With this New Moon, March 30/31, I'm moving into the next stage.  The HTEW story is now in the form of a 94 page spec script and I am planning on submitting it to a screenplay contest at the Full Moon in two more weeks.  I've sent it out to a few people for feedback so I can make revisions before the fast approaching deadline.  I am starting to connect with young people in order to make the scenes with the kids' dialogues and mannerisms more authentic for 2014's audiences. 

If the screenplay receives the attention of possible producers it may open the doors to financial support, as well as connecting with the talented and gifted people needed to actually manifest the film.  I don't see it as being made in the usual Hollywood fashion, but it will need awesome people to actually bring it to life on the big screen, with worldwide distribution, in the way the Ancient Ones are requesting.   If any of you know of privately wealthy people looking for a huge, worthy project to sponsor, this is it!!!  

I am so very grateful for all of you who have been holding the vision with me for this project.  So many of you have supported me along the way in so many different kinds of ways and many of our interactions and mutual learnings are woven into the script.  

With much love and gratitude to you all,